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Greetings from the K STADIUM Team.

In June, we shared the short-term roadmap for 2022 K STADIUM and since we proceeded with updates again, we share the current progress once again. Although there are some delays, please note that time is required for a more advanced platform and we will share with improving services to follow shortly after.

Q3 of 2022

1. IOS App Launch (Finished)

2. K STADIUM Forum Launch (Mid-August)

3. Bridge bidirectional service launch (End of August)

4. Governance Voting Service Launch (September)

5. Explorer Improvement Launch (September)

Q4 of 2022

1. Dex Open

2. K STADIUM investment process Upgrade  

3. APP Services Upgrade

All of the above updates will also be listed on the K STADIUM website for your convenience soon.

Thank you. 

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