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Greetings from K STADIUM PTE. LTD.

A few members have noticed the following phenomena occur in their mining tabs after they completed the final confirmation for the mining asset transfer promotion:

– No profits generated

– Negative mining amount in My Mining Status/Cumulative Revenue

The errors mentioned above are occurring because the existing accumulated mining surpassed the mining limit of 200% compared to the newly deposited amount.

In order to compensate for the inconvenience this has caused, the following measures are being taken:

◎Measures: Earn up to 200% of mining profits from the amount deposited during sign ups

Ex) During sign up, $1,000 mining deposit →

After 100% of mining asset transfer, additional $500 mining deposit →

Total accumulated mining amount is $1,500, and 200% of that amount is earned as mining profits

◎Date of Application: From 11 am (UTC+9) on August 19th, 2022 It can be checked in each member’s mining tab

◎Additional Updates

The measures that will be taken for those who did not receive mining profits after the mining asset transfer will be updated through the notice as soon as the details are decided.

The measures that have been taken by the foundation serve to preserve members’ mining assets and provide benefits to those who participated in the promotion.

Thank you.


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