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We create a key and lasting drive for the future together,
based on fairness and transparency.

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Thomas Frey


The goal of the Foundation is to create a blockchain based token economy that is transparent and democratic, resulting in fair and equal distribution of profits generated through the contributions of the community.

The Foundation will mainly take on a “catalyst” role through initiating policy, governance, reviewing GTM strategies for the mainnet, as well as fulfill key requirements or provide critical support pertaining to the entire landscape (K-Play, K Stadium and other dApps).

Furthermore, the Foundation will leverage the strengths of existing resources both external as well as within to be as efficient and effective as possible.
Lastly, the Foundation’s biggest KPI (key performance indicator) is to provide transparency to the community so that our goals and objectives are fully aligned.


KOK Milestones from 2019-2020

KOK PLAY largely focused on amassing a sizable digital content library for the better part of 2019 and 2020. We now have an impressive collection of digital content ranging from independent films, blockbuster movies, web dramas, webtoons, and more. As for exchange listings, KOK started with ZBG, followed by Bittrex Global, then on to Bithumb Global. Shortly after, KOK listed on Kucoin, a large North American exchange, which almost skyrocketed KOK’s value beyond our expectations.


KOK invited prominent global figures to sit on the “Global-Technical Advisory Board” or (G-TAB). World-renowned futurist Dr. Thomas Frey, Professor David Thaw, and Dr. Joel Comm, a pioneer in the internet sector since 1995, as well as Jill Carrigan, a media expert in the blockchain sector are currently advisors of KOK. And in December, KOK released Version 3 of its content platform as well as new subscription models which allow unlimited access to KOK’s digital content for 30 days.

The first half of 2022

KOK has listed on two more exchanges, Indodax and But the biggest milestone is undoubtedly the rollout of KOK’s mainnet, “K STADIUM.”

The second half of 2022

With open beta soon coming to a close, K STADIUM has been designed through various industry leading technologies to allow for scalability, and a framework to position services and content for immediate consumption. In pursuit of a truly transparent network focused on empowering the community, K STADIUM will undoubtedly be the precipice on which we stand to welcome a truly integrated and inclusive blockchain initiative growing more powerful by the day.

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